Project presentation

ArduHA is an opensource Framework for Home Automation using arduino.
It is intended to retrieve data from sensors and send data to actuators in a standardised way.

ArduixPL is a set of Arduino libraries to implement xPL protocol in the ArduHA framework.
It is aimed to assemble Home Automation modules using Arduino's boards and xPL protocol.

switches, temperature, humidity sensors, light dimmer, level sensors, etc...

Many modules are fully implemented, but libraries should allow to create your own specific modules.


This is a tool to regularly extract value from web pages and prompt on every changes.
It will add an eye icon in notification area.
You can add Matchers in it. For that you need to give it :
- an name, what ever you like
- a group name, what ever too.
- an url, tha page where information leave.
- a regex, to extract usefull information. That might be the difficult part

Exemple, to retreive last foobar version :

ENC28J60 filtering xPL messages

I could program the enc28J60 filters to deal with xPL messages only, that can reduce overload problems,
here is the code to filer xPL message

Generic classes

Added xPL_MessageGeneric and xPL_SchemaGeneric classes to allow easy and fast usage.

check for usage exemple.

Présentation du projet

ArduixPL est un ensemble de librairie Arduino destiné à implémenter le protocole xPL.
Il permet de créer des modules domotique à base d'Arduinos.

Interrupteurs, sondes de température, d'humidité, variateurs de lumière, détecteurs de niveau, etc...

Plusieurs modules sont totalement décrit, mais les librairies devraient permettre la création de modules spécifiques à votre installation.

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